What is Bio Geometry?


Bio geometry is a fascinating science of fine matter energies, which is concerned with creating holistic balance and harmony in life with the help of specific techniques and through specific applications of shapes, colors, the arrangement of numbers and much more. Bio Geometry pursues the goal of creating healing vibrations and qualities; the same as we also find at power spots. These are important to restore balance and harmony at all levels of being, i.e. on the physical, vital, emotional, mental and spiritual level.


Where can Bio Geometry be applied?


The benefits of bio geometry are very diverse. The science of qualitative energy balance in bio geometry is used in our everyday activities: it creates harmony with our inner being and outer environment, provides solutions to the humanization of modern technologies, the integration of science and the spiritual realm, as well discovers a common scientific reality behind all religions. These are a few of the various fields of application. On the other hand, Bio Geometry contributes to health and well-being through neutralizing negative energies and harmonizing electromagnetic radiation in different living and working environments. Personal growth and health, architecture and design, agriculture and outdoor spaces, spirituality and the mystic state; these are all examples of various living and working conditions.

The findings and techniques of Bio Geometry have proved to offer effective solutions for the noticeably increasing stresses and loads on our being caused by our environment. The effects of these solutions on our well-being are positive at all levels.


How did Bio Geometry develop?


Bio Geometry was developed in 1984 by the architect and philosopher from Cairo, Dr.Ibrahim Karim. In his book "Back To A Future For Mankind" he described the fundamentals of the science he founded after decades of research on form-generated waves combined with the 20th-century findings on Radiasthesia. With the help of the science of Bio Geometry of Dr. Karim succeeded in developing metaphysical concepts and bringing birth to a practical science that promises great progress, not only for personal application but also on a global level.


How does Bio Geometry work?


We all are dynamic, vibrant energy systems that live in a sea of vibrations in our world. Our vital energies are in touch and in an exchange with all others energies in our environment in sorts of invisible energy effects taking place at all levels.

These energy effects are extremely important for our well-being as they influence our health, quality of life, consciousness, and awareness. Bio Geometry makes use of the effect of fine matter in shapes, forms and angles to restore the natural balance on all levels of being.

It is a powerful, interactive means for balance and anchoring harmony in living beings and spaces.


Research projects and successes of Bio Geometry:

The effectiveness of Bio Geometry has been proven by several series of research projects in various fields. These include:

• Architectural projects in the USA, Canada, and the Middle East.

• A commission by the Swiss government: the successful harmonization of negative effects of electromagnetic radiation with results confirmed by independent bodies.

• Hepatitis C project at the University of Cairo with amazing results compared to leading pharmaceuticals.

• Agricultural projects with high results achieved with a minimum investment.

• Study on the harmonizing effects of Bio Geometry on water, led by Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan.