What is GDV?


The GDV/EPC method (Gas Discharge Visualization / Electro-Photonic Captor) is a further development of the Kirlian photography introduced by Prof. Konstantin Korotkov. Artificially stimulated electron and photon charges, visible as bluish light, are recorded with a video camera. Using modern computer technology and nonlinear mathematics, various parameters, e.g. pixel values, intensity and symmetry are calculated and analyzed. This makes it possible for the first time to reproduce and work scientifically in the energetic field.


How is the GDV measurement performed?


Each finger is photographed in two cycles. In one cycle no filter is used, which indicates the fast energy corresponding to the mental state of the person. In the other cycle, a filter is inserted which inhibits this rapid energy, the state that can be interpreted as the physical body condition of the person. The comparison between the psyche or mental state and the body gives many insights into the harmony of the energy state. Reasonably finger measurements of all 10 fingers are taken before the therapy and again for a check-up after the therapy.


When does the GDV measurement apply?


The GDV method makes it possible to record, visualize and analyze the energy state of the client and initiate therapeutic treatments in real time. In this way, some diseases with serious consequences can be detected and intercepted at an early stage. The whole process can be documented and adapted at any time throughout the whole therapy.


The GDV presentation in form of diagrams allows the client to intensify his positively changed perception through visualization. He sees:

• the change in the stress factor

• the dissolution of energy blocks

• the increase in energy values

• that weakened organs are re-energized

• that by correction of a weakness other areas improve

• the effectiveness of the a therapy