Hello Sami,

As a feedback to the first session in which you handled the electric lines?, I experienced a balance in sleep, I had no shortness of breath anymore and with my wife had a lower frequency of headaches.

In the first few days, I had repeated nightmares, partly as it was 18 years ago. After the second session in which you neutralized the horizontal planes, I felt a more restful behavior as well as a balanced coexistence, yes, noticeable through my coworkers who cannot now quite keep up with me. I am very excited and expectant since you also neutralized the vertical veins, to learn what changes we will experience.


Dr. B. Kurt


Bio-Geometry Products



Hello Hesham,

thanks again for the comprehensive information on the subject of BioGeometry. After we had done the bio-electrographic measurement together with you and realized that the chakras are quite large and largely in the right place, we decided spontaneously to carry the bio-geometric pendant from now on. Within a short time, we have noticed a considerable improvement in our condition. In addition, we tested the torus stand with the result that we now sleep much calmer and wake up much more relaxed. Every now and then, we have drawn bio-geometric signs on the places of our body with pain with the success that the pain has decayed much faster than before.

All in all, we thank you very much for the information you have given us.

Best regards,

Anke and Marc Störmer​


Dear Hesham,


- Since we have the bio signatures under the bed, my son and I sleep much better (we better come to rest). - The biosignature trailers I wear throughout the day, they help me to stay calm and I feel protected. - The CD "Sirius" does the same: It takes the everyday stress. I have them run during my massage treatments and I also notice that my clients relax or even fall asleep. I am therefore completely satisfied and can only recommend it! Many, many Thanks

Kind regards





Report 1

Hello Hesham,

it is nice that the appointment tomorrow will take place.

Here are a few effects of the session:

I am physically completely relaxed and calm inside. All the people I came into contact with (Family, friends, and stranger for example seller) seem extremely friendly and open minded. The pain of my left-hand middle finger has vanished. The telephone-job interview went very well and I was relaxed.  I'm in the next round and I had a second interview in the second week of January.

Self-hypnosis works very well and I get very fast on level B.





Report 2

Hello Hesham,

here are a few effects of the session:

I am still physically completely relaxed, emotionally balanced and quiet inside. All the people I came into contact with (family, friends, strangers) are extremely friendly, open minded and usually, have a smile on their lips. The second telephone-job interview also went very well and relaxed. I have now a contract until the end of the year with an option till 2018.

Self-hypnosis continues to be very well effective.