GDV Service


Measurement of the real-time energetic state of all organs, including the body and the psyche. The GDV measurement is an optimal way to visualize energies, to analyze them and, if necessary, to initiate therapeutic measures. Diseases can preventively be detected at an early stage. This results in a balance between the psyche and the body and gives insights into our harmonious energy state.

The increase of perception through visualization:

• Change of stress factor

• Dissolving energy blocks

• Increase in energy value

• Providing weaker organs with energy

• Improvement of other areas through weakness correction

• Effectiveness therapy


GDV session:

Procedure: Session consists of three measurements

1. Measurement of influence of psyche and body

2. Measurement with filter, only body influence, without psychological influence

3. Measurement of psyche and body influence after physical exertion

Duration: 60 - 90min

Price: 150.-  €














BioGeometry Services:


Harmonization of different places of living, such as the workplace, the home and outdoor spaces. Negative energies are measured and neutralized in order to achieve the absolute balance and harmony. Measuring and harmonizing electromagnetic radiation with the help of bio geometric shapes, colors, the arrangement of numbers and much more.

The aim is to enable healing vibrations and qualities or to restore them without renouncing modern technologies such as mobile phones etc.

Bringing the home with bio geometric means in balance and harmony:

Duration: 3-4 individual days of work


Price depending on the area:



up to 100m2: 1500.- €

  101-150m2: 2000.- €

From 150m2 by arrangement

Material costs: depending on the area: approx. 1000.- €















Hypnosis and NLP Hypnosis Services


NLP provides the wonderful opportunity to find creative approaches to solving problems, even when dealing with deep underlying issues and problems.


With the power of the unconscious, inhibitory dogmas can be dissolved and -thanks to the quick and positive results- hypnosis finds more and more acceptance in today's society.

In a hypnosis session, I will work with the subconscious mind. Thus, for example, new links or new indications are offered to the subconscious mind, which then leads to different changes in the consciousness.

In this way, blockades, fears, and false beliefs can be dissolved, for example by changing perspectives. All you hear during the hypnosis session with NLP is my voice, which directs your attention inward - to get away from the everyday orientation. The conscious mind makes room for the unconscious! In hypnosis, you are simply relaxed - but always awake. You can hear, see and feel everything.


When can hypnosis and NLP help?

For more self-confidence, self-reliance, inner rest, confidence, faith in the future, new orientation, mental strength, for solving learning difficulties and learning blocks, strengthening self-confidence and the immune system, deal with insomnia and feeling down (if there is no depression!), weight reduction, smoking cessation, for learning increase, against inner restlessness, anxiety, fears, phobias, processing of various traumas.


Offer Hypnosis / NLP:

Does an anxiety, a dream or an inner blockade impair your life? Together we will tackle this issue.

With the help of the NLP and Hypno-analytics, we shall detect the blockade and understand your trauma analytically and neutralize it in a targeted way and thus recover your well being.

Are you ready for change and want to determine your life?

I will be happy to assist you.


Price / session:

Per session, approx. 2 hours: 200.- €