What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural, deep, relaxed, physical and psychological awaken state, not a sleep. Hypnotherapy is a well-tried scientifically recognized therapy method that is not a new invention of the present day. It was used as a healing method already by the ancient Egyptians. Even if hypnosis looks sometimes like magic, it has nothing to do with magic. The most common misunderstanding is that hypnosis is a state similar to sleep. In fact, the word "hypnosis" derives from the name of the Greek god of sleep - hypnosis - yet hypnosis has nothing to do with sleep. On the contrary the clients being in a hypnotic state are so comfortably and deeply relaxed that they act from the outside as if they were sleeping, although they are completely awake and feel very comfortable. Hypnosis is therefore a trance-like condition, which can only be achieved through the collaboration between the hypnotic-therapist and client. The sub-consciousness makes up about 95% of our mind. Through suggestions (influences) it is possible to address the sub-consciousness and change and analyze and build it up.


The official definition of hypnosis by the world's largest and oldest hypnotic organization NGH:

Hypnosis is a state in which the critical instance critically questioning part in me) is no longer strongly active and suggestions are allowed.


When can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy can be used to treat almost all problems. This is quite simply because when we have a problem, emotions are usually involved. Usually we cannot solve many problems by using our consciousness, i.e. our mind and will. It is usually necessary to go deeper into our sub-consciousness; because the way we feel, perceive and behave depends on the history of our growing-up, our experiences, our culture and the environment we are living in. All these things are deeply anchored in our subconscious mind. In order to get into the subconscious, the modular depth hypnosis according to Dirk Treusch is a very good method. This method works gently and pleasant in its application and has a positive effect on the personal well-being - without manipulation.


In which topics hypnosis can be used effectively?

• Release from stress

• Escorting new orientation in life

• Advice and help in times of special challenges

• Coping with being down (if depression is not present)

• Learning more effectively

• Relaxation in many life conditions as in pregnancy, pain relief, before visiting the dentist, etc ...

• Developing personal strength

• Learning foreign languages ​​(increase of motivation, solving learning blocks)

• Memory training, improvement of memory performance

• Healthy eating

• Weight reduction

• Developing good feelings for later retrieval (anchors for own retrieval)

• Helping against internal restlessness, stage fright, bullying, shyness, school problems, stress, overburden, worries, personal crises, important decisions ...

• Concentration training

• Performance increase

• Mental coaching

• Mental preparation for oral and practical examinations

• Smoking cessation

• Treating sleep disorders

• Strengthening self-confidence

• Strengthening the immune system

• and much more